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Nass&Wind - Nos territoires ont besoin de toutes nos énergies


An independent French group. The Nass&Wind Group was founded in 2001 by Nathalie Le Meur and Peter Nass in the Morbihan department of Brittany, and is an independent French group. Initially specializing in the development of onshore wind farms, this activity was wholly sold to GDF-SUEZ in 2008 – a year in which Nass&Wind was among the top ten national players in the development and production of renewable energy. Over the years, Nass&Wind has reinforced its expertise in the identification of suitable sites and in the development of green electricity production units and technologies. Its experience and reputation – founded on the quality of the dossiers filed, and on really taking the concerns of the parties involved into account – now allow it to work on the industrial development of renewable energy in France.

Capital and Shareholders. Nass&Wind Group capital was increased from €40,000 to €40 million in 2009. Its shareholders are the group’s founders, current managers, and associates having participated in the development of the company since its creation in 2001.

Experience of partnerships with significant industrial and financial investors. In order to implement these ambitious projects, Nass&Wind expects to raise capital from industrial and financial partners, as well as directly, on the financial markets. Its experience, current positioning and independence offer the company chance to solicit those partners best equipped for the different types of projects developed by the group’s subsidiaries.

Establishments. The company established near Lorient (56) currently employs about fourty people. It moved in 2010 into Lorient, within the walls of the Celtic Submarine, right next to the Cité de la Voile. This building, the foundation stone for which was laid on 30th October 2009, was designed to meet very strict environmental standards, in keeping with the company’s spirit and values.

Nass&Wind SAS
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