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A pioneer in renewable energies since 2001, Nass&Wind Smart Services has been contributing to the emergence of the sector in France. Our company successfully capitalized a unanimously recognized experience, acquired through piloting many major projects and developing innovative technologies.


 CarreBleu  Third party operation

 CarreBleu  Due diligence

  • Project audit
  • Productivity analysis
  • Business plan audit

 CarreBleu  Piloting of environmental studies

  • Defining the strategy for the environmental study and its achievement plan
  • Selecting and supervising engineering contractors
  • Drafting and compiling the impact study

 CarreBleu  Project ownership assistance

  • Guidance of consortiums for tendering
  • Supervision of contractors

 CarreBleu  Consultation process to facilitate acceptability of projects

  • Pre-diagnostics, mapping of actors, consultation strategy, on-field involvement, challenge analysis, follow-up on action items, project lateralization, coaching measures
  • Administration and analysis of the consultation process


CarreBleu  Our references and partners

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  • Development activities of onshore wind farms

Since 2001, through its first subsidiary dedicated to the development and operation of onshore wind farms in France, Nass&Wind Group has become one of the pioneers in renewable energies in France. In 2008, the onshore wind projects owned by our Group, both earned or in operation, represented a portfolio of nearly 200 MW.

  • Offshore windfarm of Saint-Nazaire

Nass&Wind was the initiator of the offshore project built off the Saint-Nazaire coast, awarded to the company by the French government for a 480 MW capacity, with its partners EDF-Energies Nouvelles, DONG Energy and ALSTOM, as the exclusive wind turbines provider of the consortium. Today, Nass&Wind Services supervises on the behalf of EDF and DONG Energy – brought together in the consortium Eolien Maritime France (EMF) – all the environmental studies and consultation actions necessary for the granting of administrative consents.

  • Assessment studies of sites for their suitability to renewable maritime energies and energy planning

Nass&Wind Smart Services has performed several studies in cooperation with institutional stakeholders, such as identification of sites that are suitable to the development of renewable maritime energies. We also support local authorities for the realization of energy planning studies on their territories.


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