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Nass&Wind Smart Services realizes high value added measurement campaigns on the ground and at sea. We own LiDAR (LIGHT Detection And Ranging) systems which we spread on the ground and at sea and a floating rig of measures at sea called M3EA (Marine measurements for meteorological and environmental assessment). These systems enable us to collect highly accurate and optimized wind measurements which are essential for the development of wind projects.

Nass&Wind Smart Services analyzes these measurements and assesses the energy production of the future windfarm project: long term extrapolation, modeling, optimization of the windfarm design, loss and uncertainty assessment.

Nass&Wind Smart Services also realizes meteoceanic campaigns using an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) that measures currents, swell and tidal range.


CarreBleu  Our mesurement systems

  • Our LiDARs

Nass&Wind Smart Services owns two LiDARs Windcube V2 Offshore from LEOSPHERE. In order to ensure an optimized traceability, these systems are regularly serviced and controlled.

References: 6 measurement campaigns of which 4 were intended to offshore windfarm projects. About 143 months of wind data were collected and analyzed.


  • Our floating rig of measures M3EA

The M3EA [Marine measurement for meteorological and environmental assessment] project is built on the experience gained by Nass&Wind Offshore through various offshore measurement campaigns. In complement to usual measurement tools, we found it vital to design an adaptive, performant and reliable measurement environment that would be able to deliver high quality characterization data combined to an optimal availability. In the field of wind measurements, quality and availability are indeed two key factors to guarantee a real impact of the measurement campaign on the reliability and optimization of the financial model of the project.



Focus on the main milestones

  • January 2014: Towage and installation on the test site (Saint Marcouf Island, department of Manche, East of the Cotentin peninsula)
  • April 2014:1st analysis report of wind data from LiDAR
  • December 2014 :Final report of the test campaign
  • February 2015 :Validation of the 11 months of measurements by DNV GL
  • Early 2016 :Towage of the platform to another site


  • Our ADCP

As part of meteoceanic studies, we use a Workhorse Sentinel 600 kHz ADCP from Teledyne RD Instruments. This instrumentation features the Wave option enabling to measure wave parameters (Hs, Tp, D…). In operation, Nass&Wind Smart Services uses a specific support to position the ADCP on the seabed and two external batteries for longer measurement campaigns.


CarreBleu  Our references

  • M3EA project: winner of the Innovation Trophies 56

The Innovation Trophies 56 prizes, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morbihan, have been honoring innovative companies and project holders in the Morbihan department for 6 years now. Last year, the prize award ceremony took place on the23rd of June 2015 at the Congress Palace in Lorient. The project M3EA was awarded the 1st prize in the category « Services » (SME older than 3 years).

cci-trophées innovation_bandeau 3 photos page pole mesure

  • Project M3EA : 11 months of measurements validated by DNV GL

Over a test period at sea lasting from January to December 2014, a large series of wind measurements were collected and analyzed by the independent organization DNV GL. Featuring a wind measurement system LiDAR, this floating platform has demonstrated performances that passed all acceptance criteria for offshore wind projects for this kind of system (according to the Carbon trust Offshore Wind Accelerator roadmap for the commercial acceptance of floating LiDAR technology).





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